Dodital Trek Package in Detail

Dodital Trek Packages is bliss for bird lovers as throughout the trek you can see Himalayan Whistling Thrush, Himalayan Tree Pie, Himalayan Babbler, Bush Robin, Pink Finch, Brown Fronted Woodpecker, Grey Tit, Munia, Himalayan Monal and many more.

Dodital lake also has a legend attached to it that says that the place is the birth place of Lord Ganesha. The lake is also known as Dhundital meaning abode of Lord Ganesha. There is a small temple of Lord Ganesha by the lake. The name Dodital was given to the Lake after a fish, Himalayan Trout, which is found in good numbers here. The local name of the fish is Dodi. Fishing is not allowed there but you can feed the fishes. Enjoy and Explore the beautiful Himalayan ranges with Dodital Trek Package and Tours.

Dodital Trekking Itinerary Starting from Sangamchatti

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Day 1 – Uttarkashi to Sangamchatti (Drive – 16.6 km)

Driving along the curves of Asi Ganga by passing the settlement of Gangori and Kalyani. The journey is beautiful and mesmerizing as you can see wild flora and fauna and flowing river.

Sangamchatti is at a height of 1350 meters. The place is simply out of a fairy tale. You can see meadows and waterfalls and wild flowers making the place truly magical.

Day 2 – Sangamchatti to Agoda (Trek – 6 km)

As you start with a beautiful sunrise and birds chirping you are filled with energy and enthusiasm. As you cross over a bridge over a small stream you get the idea that how beautiful the trek is going to be. The trek starts steeply with forest on both the sides.

During the last stretch the huts are visible and seem to be out of reach. When you reach there the place has an amazing feeling filled with simplicity. A thirty minutes zig zag path downhill will take you to a river where you can take a dip and feel refreshed.

Be sure to reach up before sunset as you have to watch the sunset from the top and be amazed by its beauty. There are no dhabas there but the friendly local village people will offer you food at minimum price. The food is basic pahadi food including brown rice, pahari rajma, chapattis and saag pahari aloo.

Day 3 – Agoda to Dodital (Trek – 16 km)

Rise and shine and get ready to walk up a long winding path. The gradient is not steep so it will be fairly easy to walk and with forest by your side with diverse flora and fauna you would not even realize when you have covered half the trek.

You shall see Gujjar encampments and villagers returning with their cattle. There are few tea stalls in between to refresh you. Also you can find pahari women with pears that you can buy from them or trade with something.

After sometime you shall see grassy hilltops with oak forests and they blend to spruce forests as you are close to ridges. During trek you shall come across a beautiful bridge perfect for lunch and to click some pictures. You shall cross Manghi village and finally reach Dodital.

Day 4 – At Dodital (or trek to Darwa top distance – 5km)

In Dodital you shall see some shacks there and crossing them you shall see a Forest Rest House. Then comes the lake set against a background of hills. You can see the beautiful trout swimming in large numbers in clear water of lake. The Ganesha temple is on the left bank of the lake.

On the edge of the lake government has built some cement shacks with tin roofs. You can spend the day feeding the fishes and wandering around the forest. Resting in peace or bathing in the running streams coming from mountain that feed the lake.

If you are not tired then you can trek to Darwa top which is 5 km away from lake. It is at a height of 4150 meters. It is an uphill climb within a thick birch forest opening into high meadows. The view from there is worth the effort you made to reach there.

Day 5 – Dodital to Agoda (Trek 16 km)

With many beautiful memories in heart now it’s time to return. The walk shall be comparatively easy. You can see the villagers and buy some pears again for your journey back.

Day 6 – Agoda to Sangamchatti (Trek – 6 km)

Look around the forest, small streams and the beauty around you as you are coming back. You can chose to either stay the night at Sangamchatti or go back to Uttarkashi.

If you desire you can also camp at various different sites like Manjhi or Bhevra as per your convenience.